How I’m teaching myself Computer Science (Update 1)

Have you decided to teach yourself computer science?What is computer science? Computer science is a collection of different studies r...


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My first Swift UI MVVM App

BeautifulI made my first MVVM app following the course by Swiftful Thinking / Nick Sarno. Here is what you will learn.What is MVVMMVV...


List of all SF Symbol names

I wanted to have a selectable gird of all the SF Symbols in my app. Couldn’t find it, so I made one. Copy below.


Swift UI is not reloading my views

Here’s a problem. I made a simple multiplication table practice game in swift ui.I have some images of letters that I want to turn in...


How to add Inner Shadows to Text in Swift UI 4.0

Just watched the awesome tutorial from Paul Hudson on inner shadows, a new feature coming with iOS 16. His youtube tutorial is excell...


Why I’m teaching myself Computer Science

This is where I lived during 2012’s super storm, Hurricane Sandy.Photo by Matthew McDermott (Far Rockaway, New York)I watched the cit...


Code Katas in Swift (#1 Roman Numerals)

Code Kata型 かた:kata (set sequence of positions and movements in martial arts); style (in kabuki, noh, etc.); formHow do you get good a...

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