How to make a flashcard app with Swift UI

AnimalizationIn this tutorial you will make Animalization, a flashcard app for memorizing the names of animals. After building this a...


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How I’m teaching myself Computer Science (Update 1)

Have you decided to teach yourself computer science?What is computer science? Computer science is a collection of different studies r...


Xcode Shortcuts Flashcards

I can’t play an instrument, but when I hear Jimmy Page’s solo in Heartbreaker, I know I wanna be that good at something before I die....


How to make an MVVM Swift UI App

Step by step guide. I’m going to teach you how to make a simple habit tracker. Let’s start!Create a new projectThe most important thi...


Code Katas in Swift (#2 Gravity Cubes)

Gravity CubesThis Kata is a fun and easy one. See the boxes above? Imagine them falling to the left or right when you tilt them. Just...


My first Swift UI MVVM App

BeautifulI made my first MVVM app following the course by Swiftful Thinking / Nick Sarno. Here is what you will learn.What is MVVMMVV...


List of all SF Symbol names

I wanted to have a selectable gird of all the SF Symbols in my app. Couldn’t find it, so I made one. Copy below.


Swift UI is not reloading my views

Here’s a problem. I made a simple multiplication table practice game in swift ui.I have some images of letters that I want to turn in...


How to add Inner Shadows to Text in Swift UI 4.0

Just watched the awesome tutorial from Paul Hudson on inner shadows, a new feature coming with iOS 16. His youtube tutorial is excell...


Why I’m teaching myself Computer Science

This is where I lived during 2012’s super storm, Hurricane Sandy.Photo by Matthew McDermott (Far Rockaway, New York)I watched the cit...

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